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Revoke / Cancel Registration

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Product Description

If a horse/pony has been sold without papers, sold to non member, gone over height, or is deceased, you can revoke papers by reporting status to IMHR. This product is not for upgrading a horse/pony to permanent adult status.

The horse/pony will be updated in the IMHR studbook, and you will receive automated email notification once the status update has been completed, but you will not receive a new copy of papers nor any other correspondence.


General Cancellation of Registration (De-registering / Revoking Papers) and Sold Without Papers – A breeder who is also the current owner may choose to have a registration cancelled. The original certificate must be returned to IMHR Inc (or destroyed). There is no fee for the cancellation. For the purposes of the studbook, the horse or pony is classed as unregistered. Any future progeny of cancelled horses and ponies may not be registered IMHR Inc with the cancelled name as a parent. The horse or pony can be re-registered by a new owner with breeder/pedigree not on file as per unknown parentage registration rules.

Failed Vet Check / Failed Stallion Certificate of Soundness - Reasons for cancellation of registration may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Stallion failure to pass COS and not castrated;
  • Dwarfism;
  • Overshot mouth (3mm maximum allowable);
  • Undershot or parrot mouth (3mm maximum allowable);
  • Monorchids or cryptorchids in stallions;
  • Lock stifle, congenital cataract, nasal disease, navicular disease or malformation of the genitals;
  • Any other determinable genetic fault.

Sold To Non-Member / Sold With Papers – If a registered horse is sold to a person or persons who is not currently, and does not intend to be, a financial member of IMHR Inc., the recorded owner must notify IMHR that they no longer have a vested interest in the horse. Should the current (or subsequent) owner(s) wish to have horse transferred to their name(s), this shall be done on production of adequate evidence of ownership as agreed by the Committee and does not require the endorsement of the recorded owner. This also applies to a horse or pony which is sold with papers but not immediately transferred.

Deceased - In addition to advising IMHR of the death of a horse or pony, if a breeding stallion dies during any breeding year, his stallion report (stallion return) is due within 30 days of his death.

Overheight - Horse exceeds 42.5" or pony exceeds 38.5".

Upgrade Overdue - Any horse or pony not upgraded within six (6) months of temporary registration expiry date, will automatically have registration revoked. To have this horse or pony upgraded, the upgrade fee as well as a revoked registration reinstatement fee will be payable.


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