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For all NEW registrations, adult (5 year old) upgrades, and transfers. If you are needing a duplicate registration certificate, wish to submit a stallion return, change a stallion/colt registration to a gelding registration, apply for a permanent height card, or update photographs or COS, there are also individual products for those actions.

Please ensure you are using the correct product to avoid processing delays!

Regarding the IMHR Studbook Amnesty

For the amnesty period to 1 August 2015, parentage as specified by the registered owner will be recorded on the Association stud book and registration certificates. After this date, proof of parentage must be provided via stallion return, DNA or dual registration with another society recognised by the Committee. At that time, horses without confirmed parentage shall be listed with parentage ‘not on file’ until parentage is confirmed.

Parentage not on file registrations are double the standard fee (check you are using the right product!)

For DNA Parentage Testing, we recommend Practical Horse Genetics, Sydney. IMHR members receive a special discounted testing rate, send us an email for the code word.

 Recognised societies for the purposes of registration are:

- Miniature Horse Association of Australia (MHAA) Inc.

- Australian Miniature Pony Society (AMPS) Inc.

- New Zealand Miniature Horse Association (NZMHA) Inc.

- American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) Inc.

- American Shetland Pony Club (ASPC)

- Australian Pony Stud Book (APSB)


Help with photo upload issues

If your photos will not upload to the shop, they are either too large or the wrong format. IMHR does not accept emailed photos.

Member Tip: Upload the photos to Facebook and then re-save them, they should upload to the online shop. Facebook automatically resizes (and compresses) large photos.

If you do not have a Facebook account, please try the following website:

1) Go to http://resizeyourimage.com/EN/
2) Click “Browse…” and find the photo you want to resize.
3) Follow the directions on the screen to crop and resize your photo.
4) Once you have hit the “Do it” button and gone to the second screen, check that your Image type is set to jpg (tells you above the photo). If it isn’t, hit the “Change to jpg” button on the left hand pane.
5) Save your photo using the orange “Save” button above the photo.
Your photos should now upload to the online shop.

Registering Geldings

Applications for IMHR registration for all geldings under 2 years old that are not already registered with another recognised society as a gelding (and copy of those papers produced), must provide proof of castration via vet certificate or receipt. Applications without the necessary paperwork will be declined.

Overdue Upgrades

A revoked reinstatement fee is payable if an upgrade is more than six months overdue. This applies to mares, stallions and geldings - no exceptions. Overdue upgrades without the revoked reinstatement fee will not be processed until paid.

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