Registration Over 5 Years (Mare / Stallion) - Unverified Parentage

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Product Overview



Use this product to register:

  • All horses and ponies over 5 years of age whom DO NOT have verifiable parentage (ie. parentage is not verifiable by Stallion Return, DNA parentage test, or dual registration with a RECOGNISED society (see below)).
  • Horses and ponies born before 1 Aug 2015 whom have known parentage which cannot be verified. Sire and dam's names will ONLY be added to registration certificates of horses and ponies born before 1 Aug 2015.


As per the IMHR Constitution, the fee for horses or ponies registered with unknown parentage shall be double the cost of the normal fee. Horses or ponies must be micro-chipped or branded for identification purposes.

  • Please use the Gelding (FREE) for all Geldings.
  • Please use the TRANSFER product if you have purchased a horse which already holds IMHR registration (check the IMHR online studbook if you are unsure).
  • Please complete form carefully, checking all spelling.
  • Do NOT complete form using all capital letters.

Recognised societies for the purposes of registration are:

- Miniature Horse Association of Australia (MHAA) Inc.

- Australian Miniature Pony Society (AMPS) Inc.

- New Zealand Miniature Horse Association (NZMHA) Inc.

- American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) Inc.

- American Shetland Pony Club (ASPC)

- Australian Pony Stud Book (APSB)



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