IMHR Stallion Return - Late (from 2 Aug)


Maximum file size is 1000.00 KB, file types are jpg,jpeg,png,bmp,pdf,xls,xlsx

Maximum file size is 1000.00 KB, file types are jpg,jpeg,png,bmp,pdf

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Print a blank copy, complete it and scan back in to your computer to upload via the online store (alternately, may be posted along with a work order and the late fee to PO BOX 62 GRENFELL NSW 2810 via EXPRESS POSTAGE ONLY - RECORD YOUR TRACKING NUMBER AS PROOF OF LODGING!)

Stallion returns are to be submitted by 1st August annually for each stallion who was exposed to mares or late fee applies.

You must be a CURRENT FINANCIAL MEMBER to lodge a stallion return.  Stallion must be registered IMHR and hold a Certificate of Soundness (COS).

Please ensure your scan/photo of the stallion return is large enough to be printable and legible.

You must pay the late fee if submitted after 1st August.

Must be submitted before foal(s) are born or parentage will need to be verified by DNA.


Certificate of Soundness (COS) - Form to be completed by Veterinarian to confirm soundness of breeding stallions. Must be completed if stallion is bred (before lodging stallion return/showing as 3yo) or at 5 years old (whichever comes first).