Help With Photos

Images must meet the following requirements. Attempting to upload an image that does not meet these requirements can cause unexpected behaviour. 
Image file names must be alphanumeric, and cannot contain any spaces or special characters.
Supported file types are JPEG/JPG and PNG. TIF and PDF files are not supported.
Images must be 500kb or smaller. If you are unsure how to resize your images, visit and resize them to Width 400 pixels.
If you are experiencing trouble uploading files and photos, the number one cause is files that are too large or the wrong format. Please double check that your file/s meet the criteria. If you do not have a program on your computer or device that allows you to edit the size and format of files, there are plenty of websites that can do this for free. 
Alternately, a member tip is to upload photos to Facebook and re-save the files. Facebook automatically resizes (compresses) photos, so the file size will be smaller, and of the correct format.
< If your files will still not upload, and you are using a mobile device (phone/tablet), you may need to view the computer version of the Shop. You can do this in your browser settings by clicking "Desktop Site" or "Switch to Standard View" - this will display the shop as you would see it on a computer and you should no longer have issues with files uploading provided they meet the size/type as explained above.
Please note that due to the number of orders we receive, we cannot accept any photos/files via email. Orders may be refunded and/or reprocessing fees charged if you have not attached the necessary files.