Certificate of Soundness


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Product Overview

A valid COS needs to be on file for any colt or stallion that you intend to breed with, or that stallion's progeny may be refused registration.

It can be on any association Certificate of Soundness or veterinary paperwork.
Or download the IMHR COS form from www.imhr.com.au 

If you require a reprint of the registration certificate, you will need to also purchase a duplicate certificate.


As per IMHR Constitution:

Stallions aged 2 years and over for which a breeding report will be submitted and/or progeny by this stallion is to be registered, must have a Certificate of Soundness on file.  

All stallions aged 3 years and over entering the show ring must have a Certificate of Soundness on file.  This may have been submitted prior to age 3 if used for breeding purposes. 

The requirement for a Certificate of Soundness is waived provided the stallion is registered with another recognized society where a Certificate of Soundness is a requirement for registration (copy of these registration papers must be provided).

The Certificate of Soundness may be on IMHR supplied forms, Veterinary Surgeon’s letterhead or another societies paperwork.  In all cases, the standard of excellence must be checked and confirmed in writing and signed by a licensed Veterinarian.